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Ferocactus are native to South western United States and North Western Mexico.
  Some species can be found growing solitary and some species can be found growing in clumps.  In general, Ferocactus prefer well draining soil and plenty of sun.    Find out how to grow better Feros on our growing tips page.

Learn about Ferocactus in our species encyclopedia and browse our Ferocactus Growing Tips.   Trying to grow or propagate Ferocactus?  Check out our propagation/growing tips.  Support the site and order some ferocactus seeds.  We supply gardeners and hobbyists with select Ferocactus seeds for growing cacti with above average ornamental value for city, country, and any kind of cactus garden.  We look forward to receiving and filling your order with care.

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The “Fero” in Ferocactus means Fierce referring to the spines of a Ferocactus. There are many styles of spines in the Farocactus genus.  The spines of a Ferocactus range in size from long 10 spines to thick 2 inch fish hooks shapes. The spines of  the Ferocactus genus can be very colorful, from scarlet red to golden yellow to bone white, they can also be speckled or even mixed. Ferocactus flowers are some of the most beautiful flowers in the Cactaceae family.

Ferocactus flowers can be seen in a wide range of colors including pink, yellow, red and more depending on the species.  There are about 30 species of Ferocactus in the genus.  Along with producing amazing “FIERCE” spines, Ferocactus have the ability to reach HUGE sizes.    The largest of the genus (diguetii) can reach 12 feet.

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